Organize information
Ask a lot of questions
Identify visual problems
Define goals
Develop strategies
Solve upcoming problems / Solve the assignment

Keep your nose to the grindstone


No fuss, no muss

We introduce ourselves

We get to meet each other

Define the assignment

You present it to us. We ask you questions, and more questions, and more questions

We research

What do other firms do? What has been done and why?

We organize the information

Both yours and ours. We arrange and clarify it

We go back to questioning round

We ask you questions and more questions. We want and need to understand everything

We define

Goals and strategies to solve the assignment in the best way

We play

We try out and play without limits to find the best solution

We carry out

The chosen design at its full potential

We deliver

bringing the assignment till the end. If its physical we will handle the printing. Is its Web based: we will publish it

Food for thought